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Selecting a monument for your loved one is an important decision with a lot to consider from materials to customization and budget planning. At Indiana Monument Company, we are committed to helping you navigate these options to find the monument that best honors both your loved one’s memory and your needs.

As the seventh generation of his family to serve in the monument industry, Stephen Keith – founder of Indiana Monument Company – has a lifetime of experience and expertise to offer each and every client. His compassion and deep understanding of the industry are what sets Indiana Monument Company above the rest. As a husband and father of two children, Stephen’s commitment and passion to be of service to families are at the heart of our company and team. will be felt from your very first conversation.

We have proudly partnered with Wearly Monument, an institution of excellence in our industry for more than a century, to offer you the most comprehensive selection of granite offerings to better serve your needs. With our trusted partner and over 30 years of personal experience and industry relationships, the Indiana Monument Company team has the knowledge and network to help you find a timeless monument that fits both your vision and budget.

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Stephen - Stephen is the seventh generation of his family to serve in the monument industry. His lifetime of experience and knowledge of monuments is what sets Stephen and Indiana Monument Company apart from others. He is married to his wife Kim, and they have two children, Avery and Jagger. Stephen’s passion for the families he serves will come through from the first conversation to the last.

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